The lives we are living today in civilization are the result of 10000 years of separation of humanity with the rest of life on earth. Where once we lived lives connected to the world around us through our stories, our communities and our food we are now a synthetic fabrication of beliefs erroneously based on human superiority and the myth of human progress.

One need not look far for confirmation of this. It’s all about us from the supermarket to the traffic jams to the cement , steel and glass towers we raise as gods in our honor. It’s in the desperate cravings for new technologies and the human worship at the expense of the rest of the community of life on this dying planet.

This blog is about the opposition to this smothering domestication.

It’s about the wild yearning that is the weed that breaks its way through a crack in the sidewalk, the Peregrine Falcons nesting 30 floors up on the ledge of a buildings window, and the indigenous people who have been forced to live in this demonic neon lit holocaust of a culture whilst still retaining their wild roots deep within their hearts and psyches.

It’s about taking action against being domesticated and civilization in any form possible. It’s about reconnecting to the wildness that’s inherent in all living things including ourselves before humanity was suffocated by the cocoon of civilization.

It’s about breathing again the wild winds of reality, the gusts of true freedom and connection that can only come from breaking through the mask of delusion.