The Psychological Pandemic


As we enter the dissolution of the haughty contentedness of industrial civilization we enter a new world where we are confronted with reflections of our own failings as a species. Our hubris has brought us circumstances that were laying in await for us for some time and turned our assured world on its head. We turned our back on the Spirit of the Universe and her manifestations and it’s here in all its human tragedy that unfolds the human misery of our age.

The current situation as I write this may be seen as a health pandemic, however it is way more than that.

It is a psychological pandemic. Turning our back on nature is an act of arrogance…………..Assaulting her is an act of war and humanity will not win this war………………………….I can totally assure you of that.

This can not end well for humanity if we will not learn any lessons at all for the increasing pandemics heading humanities way. We are so totally divorced from nature that this lesson has little chance of teaching us anything. It’s truly the tragedy of our age. Our loneliness, our arrogance and our contemptuous disconnection and disassociation  from nature is everywhere. Our selfish slaughter of nature, the truth, our psychologically hedonistic pleasure of our self image is all about us, turning vibrant and holistic ecosystems into graveyards.

What happens from here on?

Will the Homo Sapiens rise to the challenge?

Will they see what went wrong thousands of years ago and change their ways?

Herein lies the greatest challenge………………..will they arise to the occasion?

No they won’t. The alienation runs too deep, the deception too powerful and the indifference, if not hatred, towards this planet too powerful, an overpowering toxic stain on the long vacant esteem of this warped culture.

The masses act as zombies, indoctrinated slaves to a world view of human superiority and human progress to the detriment of all the other nations of creatures upon this beautiful planet, having long ago lost a holistic way of living, consciousness and thought that existed in our species many many years ago.

There is a voice deep within our collective human consciousness that yearns to be listened to, that pines to be heard that is suppressed with the threat of violence and ostracism. It’s the voice that lives in us all, that screams to be heard but is smothered by the relentless ravings of a culture out of control and out of touch with reality. This is the voice that has invaded our hearts, our minds and our beliefs. This Universal connected inner voice is alive within us if we sit still in nature and truly let nature reconnect with us. It is the Universe via our own inner voice and calling and speaking to us , pushing through the mists of deception to bestow upon us a gift we have long ago forgotten. It is a re-connection to the Universe and if we listen with intent and heartfelt honesty the Universe shall grant one an understanding of the horrific carnage we have unleashed as a culture upon the planet we live upon and need for our continued existence.

We need to use this human crisis to understand our limits.

We need to profoundly realize the massive overshoot in human population, this is urgent.

We need to abandon the growth at all costs in human economic activity that is consuming the planet and power down. We need to reconnect to an ancient understanding we all hold deep with in our collective human psyche.

Industrial civilization is collapsing, it has been for some time and we need to talk about this and why it is so.

It makes no sense to leave nature out of our psychological recovery, if there is to be one for humanity. We have no where to go without incorporating all of natures creatures into our collective lives, part of our kin, as we regain our power as fully functioning human beings.

We need to hear and feel the words of the Universe which of course includes our own planet we sit upon as strangers rather than lie upon in a sacred embrace and holy connection. We need to urgently and with intent and love re-ignite our connection to something larger than ourselves. We need to re-trace our steps back from dis-connection to re-connection to the birds, the fish, the rocks of old, the soil, the mountains, the roaring oceans and seas, the clouds and indeed all creation that exists before eyes that used to feel the Universe to be alive before them before our hearts were drained of vibrancy and replaced by souls of blandness and a comatose zombie existence.

I feel a deep grief in my heart that any threat to humanity is met with selfishness.

We will, I feel learn nothing from this pandemic. Indeed we are trapped and will greet it with selfish hearts and selfish intentions all the while never realizing it is a sign. A sign that what we have been doing as a species doesn’t work, can never work and is inherently poisonous. By shutting other creatures out of our lives we are condemning ourselves to lives of misery and self destruction. We were already doing this long before the current virus and sadly and tragically I feel this belief system will continue as the indoctrination is so abysmally deep and intensely structurally indoctrinated.

Being as disconnected from nature as we are, we are now becoming even more so during this human pandemic. We are required to be even more distant from all around us and so sink ever more into a dark ravine of our own making.

We are now on a road not yet traveled and because we have, and continue to violate the sacred laws of nature we have front row seats to witness the dissolution of a culture that should never have existed in the first place. We have lived by exploiting nature by all means possible and now we are here as stark witness to the horror of our own destruction of the earth at our own trial. It is a trial we shall not be looked upon favourably by the jury. We are condemned by our actions before we even walk into the court room of equilibrium where we shall be judged by the nations of all life.

This is a trial that the prosecution holds all the trump cards. We are being charged with violating the sanctity of the laws of nature. We shall be charged with acting as rogues, bullies, murderers, defilers and oppressors upon a world that sustains us.

We should have held the hand of connection and cognition but we didn’t and couldn’t. We were trapped in a world of mirrors, staring in adoration at our own reflections, deluded in fantasies of our own self worth and pretentious visions of our own brilliance all the while harbouring treacherous visions, intentions and actions upon a scared planet  and as the days grow dark over our industrial civilization we shall reap what we have sown………………………………

We shall now bear witness to the excesses of human conceit as this psychological pandemic unfolds and this majestic and holy Universe sends our species yet another warning shot. The shots are starting to crack the thin ice we are standing upon………………………………………………………

The trial has begun……………………………………………………………



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