The Blasphemy of Civilization

Winds whisper upon ones cheek, a kiss from the Universe.

A birds chortle in ones ear, the voice of the Universe.

The smell of soil and water an embrace of the Universe.

A sunrise, the Universe greeting ones soul, a connection to something so Holy.

The sunset a gift before slumber but also a heralding demise as the Universe swallows an aberration, the Charybdis devouring the leaking galleon of estrangement.

A descent into darkness, a hell they thrive in and one they cannot escape from, nor do they wish to.

Yet a misery, a tragedy of heart is exposed to the few human souls that can hear the wretched plight of the nations of the finned, the winged, the slithering, the crawling and the legged.

A new day will dawn when the water recedes, the smoke clears, the winds die away and the first chirps echo in the ears of new birth and the insect scurry heralds a new day, a new era of rebuilding after the crumbling facade of civilization has been exhausted and the ruins of misery have given their final sigh of resignation.


Every step I take in  this culture, every sight I see in it and every word I hear spoken in its defense reinforces my belief that we live in a culture of blasphemy against our very own lives. We believe our lives are an autonomous existence but we are in fact products of indoctrination born from poisonous minds that share little semblance to reality. We have had our nurturing as earthlings torn from us by our disconnection, a disconnection taught to us by our parents, our neighbours, the so called educational system and by the very cement under our feet.

From my own experience of these spirit quashing walls of horror and misery I’ve never felt any form of ecstasy of life experience within them. They have presented themselves as the human obsessed prison they in fact are. This culture can teach you about steel, concrete, physics, the building blocks of life, split the atom to serve itself and the “discoveries” as if things hadn’t existed before the deranged ape found them however what it can’t teach you, as it doesn’t know and can never know, is spirit.

It thrives on the material whilst ignoring the world of the wild……………….the mists, the darkness, the sunrise, the birdsong and in doing so has achieved the ultimate in it’s aims, domination and destruction of the wild lands, the truly holy lands. This whole culture is not just an alienated absurdity but an infantile one also.

It is a fake, a thief in the darkness whilst you were asleep, that has stolen your heritage, your dignity, your inheritance and your connection to the Universe and especially the earth, our mother.

Instead of being content with the holiness of creation and all her vibrant wild musings and esoteric magic we are left with an inverted and monotonous mono-culture of self serving imbeciles barely able to recognize any life outside of its own grotesque and devolving world of misfits, killers and dysfunctional morally arrested shadows of a true humanity.

We have turned vibrant forests into lumber yards and the vast plains into human feed lots, the oceans into wind farms and plastic dead zones and the sacred deserts into a sea of solar panels in an attempt to prolong the inflated sense of human supremacy, the holocaust of spirit, and fuel our hurtling insanity further into the depths of the madness that’s now imbued in our hearts as we circle the rim of the whirlpool of our own deserved extinction.

I feel humanities very soul is now already extinct…………they have forsaken the humble, the sacred,  and glorify the absurd and grotesque. We now revere the obscene, hail the macabre and wallow in the repellent wretchedness of our own reflections. Only a creature so thoroughly divorced from its own collective soul could live as such. A detestable signature of madness basking in the glowing images and stained glass windows of itself and its vacant reflections in the mirror of creation.

As a new year rolls in the comatose musings of a lost species will revel in the glory of their own hallowed existence as a new decade unfolds before their inane hearts and sunken souls, yet few can see nor feel the approaching justice that the Universe is serving them. There is no sadness as deep as this, the failure to see what is before our very eyes, that the holiness that is before our very hearts, our very being.

The kingdom of God is not some place we retire to when our bodies succumb to the ravages of time……………………… is here on this planet we were born upon. We don’t face our maker after we whisper our last breath on earth. There is no one waiting for us to present ourselves and our inflated egos to the pearly gates nor does the Universe care what virtues you held in your time on this planet. The Universe is indifferent to your feelings………………………………..

However, herein lies a most amazing and awe inspiring realization if one would allow such a humbling and subtle muse to infiltrate you………………………………………..

We are all sacredly connected to something way bigger than humanity. We are connected to something way bigger than this most homely, bountiful and gorgeous planet. We are connected to the very fibre of the Universe itself.

The Wild Gods of yore are manifestations of the forces of nature, the wildness that we ourselves really are and indeed is all creation. This most amazing revelation is the true revelation, the one revelation we should all become fundamentalists about. The Universe is our God, our sacredness, our sanctity and all creation our kin. We have sadly lost this connection as we wallow in the depravity of a culture that shreds our intimacy with creation and pulls the cloak of deception over our being and the curtain of lies over our true culture, a culture connected to the earth and the Universe. 

I inhale the majesty of the mountains, the oceans, the forests and everything from the moon to the ants every single day of my life and relish the freedom of heart this affords me. It is a connection stolen from me by this culture of dissociation, human centred fundamentalism and warped ideals of human superiority that has taken it from us all………………………..It is a culture that feels little connection to anything other than itself.

It has forgotten itself.

It’s base default is that of a killer, an agent of defilement, misery and death. Beauty, union and love are a foreign investment to hearts devoid of connection. There is a fine line between the perceived sanity of this culture and the insanity of it. Most walk that fragile line, stepping on and indeed devouring bones of dinosaurs to keep the insanity at bay in the way of industrial civilization. As this fragile culture unfolds into the madness it barely holds at bay every day of its existence it will explode into a fury it can never recognize, nor will it understand where it came from. The swirling collective social psychosis of hate filled misery of itself shall be the last incoherent estranged driveling of a lost and failed culture.

Hardly a soul in this culture can recognize their ancestry, hardly knows their organic heredity nor their sacred connection to the Universe. We have been lied to, hoodwinked and brainwashed into believing this is us, this is our ultimate realization and that all other life , billions of nations of creatures are subservient to us as humanity. We wander the halls of our vacant hearts rarely connecting to anything meaningful in nature all the time wondering why we as human beings, born of soil, water and stars are unfulfilled, killing ourselves in droves in lands surrounded by every comfort ever known. There is clearly something not comfortable in our collective hearts…………………………

Alienation, grief, torment and destitution is the ultimate realization of industrial civilization and indeed civilization itself. It thrives on subjugating all other life forms to our sick fantasies of domination in manacles of misery, our souls wrapped in dark thoughts and sedated sorrow at the state of this cultures war against the Universe.

Dark times are here and they are still met with the arrogance, apathy and the total denial of the past 10000 years of  indoctrinated conceitedness.

This had long ago sealed its fate even though few can realize this. It is the ultimate insult to our Holy home and the wondrous Universe that gave it to us.

It is indeed the Blasphemy of civilization

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