The road home

I spend a lot of time musing about this culture and its relationship to nature.

It has led me to believe that most people have very little grasp of reality, a significantly debased personality and an absence of being a well rounded complete human being. I look at the natural world then back at this culture and I see something so sadly lacking it profoundly saddens me.  Ticker tape parades and reality TV shows appear to be all the people in this culture can aspire to. It’s an empty, hollow and miserable end to millions of years of evolution of our species.

As the skies grow dark over this culture and indeed perhaps our species, the results and reflections of our disconnected ways of living, borne of our disconnected hearts, are becoming glaringly obvious.

What should be done? What can be done?

Of course this disconnection and our cocooned way of life can only mean we respond in one way.

More poisonous remedies that won’t challenge the dominant paradigm, won’t challenge the basic fundamental question of how we got to be in this distressing mess, this hall of mirrors, is the only way this culture can respond to or proceed.

I don’t often listen to mainstream media however I happened upon an article about the current thorn in the side of industrial civilization, climate change.  Hysterical rantings and ravings of something that should have been spoken about and the reasons behind it centuries ago or perhaps even longer which I shall expand on later.

They spoke of fossil fuels and how we need to rapidly transition to so called green renewable technology, the whole movement standing on soap-boxes of delusion in holier than thou broadcasts, one after another assured in their anthropocentric bellowing beliefs that their psychotic hallucinations are true, such is the mental prison of civilization. They point bony fingers of accusation to all who will listen but they too are caught in the tentacles of the flesh eating monster. It has become a god in its own right and it’s devoured them to such an extent they can’t see the light outside of their mental prison.

All of their ceaseless screeching misses a crucial point, the most important point that is lost to almost all of them.

Climate change is a symptom of a dis-ease within the collective psyche of civilized humanity. It is one issue among many many issues such as expanding deserts, soil erosion and salinity, mass species extinction, pollution and oceans full of plastics. These all are symptoms of a culture that is divorced not just from the earth and her creatures but alienated from their very selves. A disturbed and distraught soul who cannot relate to life other than itself, cannot aspire to anything other than destruction, plunder and further self ennoblement.

Climate change isn’t something that needs to be addressed by itself but needs to be used as an example of what a continuation of this culture will continue to bring. This cultures panacea is more of the same, more of what has driven this planet to the point of destruction. It will be so as long as we let the god of industrial civilization continue to be the gleaming idol on our plastic altars of worship. While the idolatry of wind farms that kill birds, solar panels that hog hunting grounds and electric cars rolling in ever increasing numbers over paved over habitat continue to wallow in the demented delirious wits of dullards then the destruction and misery of nature is assured. This culture does not have the maturity to act on natures behalf. It holds close to its heart an adolescent narcissism that leads it to believe only it and it alone can solve a problem via their own warped illusions and whilst believing such immense insanity the planet will continue to die under the heavy feet of spiritual alienation.


I implore you not to listen to them for they tell false stories.

They are deceiving you with offerings of fools gold for your soul.

Listen to the Gods of the Wild, the Chorus of the Universe and it will teach you.

The majesty of creation is the wind under the beating of a butterflies wings, it is the air under the softly treading pads of a cats step, it is the horses breath on a cold winters morn and the leaf heavily pregnant with a rain drop before it slides off and kisses the moist soil to become one with it, nourishing it.

Listen to wind song through pines, be inspired and informed by bird song, let your heart be invaded by the meandering musings of a quietly chuckling creek, let the vigilance of your being be entwined by the silence of a cathedral forest and the sight of a mountain rising before you be a reflection of the power of the Universe in your heart.

It will fill your heart with spirit, with a truth that you will know intuitively when the mask of fallacy crumbles and the mist clears before your eyes.


There can be no healing of this planet unless humanity heals its own heart and reconnects to the Universe in a sacred way. We need to reconnect to our non-human kin, to the oceans and lakes, the rivers and rocks, the deserts and the stars. We need to remember a lost reality that lies latent in every human heart and something all of our ancestors knew from birth and lived by before the myths of dominance and human progress smothered us. It’s something the indigenous cultures still know. They know that living with nature is a sacred way to live, it gives physical, mental and spiritual stability and allowed them to thrive for thousands of generations.

This culture is poisonous to all creation. We are living in a culture that doesn’t work, a culture that can’t by its very belief systems work. It is failing the natural world and it is failing even the people trapped in the culture itself. It cannot be saved nor reformed as the cultural psychology can never let that be as it is based on domination and greed.

For the sake of life on earth this culture needs to end, not be invaded by an army of wind turbines in a mad march of delusion and a technological fantasy to keep the nightmare going. This culture needs to either evolve into an all species embrace or expire, relinquish its selfish grip on its perception of reality,

We need to become who we were, organic beings living in community with the non-human nations in a relationship of mutuality and connection.

We need to re-enchant ourselves with the Universe, we need to live simple lives of humility and embrace all creation as our kin and the Universe will bestow special things in our hearts and we shall be shown the road home.

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