The Spirit is Silent


Like a grotesque monster, civilization has become a being in its own right. It survives by feeding off the natural world in a way that is alien to all other life and indeed even stones themselves, the very bones of the earth.

It has gained an identity above and beyond those who dwell as trapped humans in the bowels of its atrocities and mostly wallow with glee through the sickness of its heart and the tangibility of its retched productions. The love and connection to the old ways, the ways of the spirits and the way of the universal spirit are gone or at least subdued in the world of self exaltation.

Where has the God of the wild places gone? Is it hiding in the darkness of the forest waiting to be rediscovered by a humanity who has cast it afar and embraced the deluded and frozen poisonous mist of themselves as God and their magical frolics with glowing screens and malicious dreams of progress? Where does the mystery hide in their cold world of sterility and a bankrupt consciousness?

The music of the universe has left their souls and the darkness has filled their sensibilities with superfluous musings and exhibitions of arrogance. It has been a long time that a soft whisper of wind has graced their skin and awoken a deep connection to the universal spirit. The shadows have grown deep and despairing over these final days of human folly and the universe has grown tired of a species that considers itself above its winged, swimming, slithering, crawling or hopping kin. I say the universe, as this culture has defiled the earth and now the winds of justice are ridding the disease from its skin but should they venture into space the same will happen there. They know no boundaries.

In so many mystical places I’ve stood and let the thoughts consume me of humanities great forgetting, the shallow husks walking as lost beings, abandoned wraiths devoid of the angelic mysteries and sublime splendour of the universe about them. The hysterical howls emanating from the hollows of their hearts and the vacuous hallucinations of their pillared pride assailing the natural world with greed and apathy. The cold hearts abound in the end days building ever more glass palaces, icons of arrogant meditations, castles of conceit.

Why shouldn’t they in their eyes?

They have conquered the earth and look with greedy hearts to the universe. They have slain the truth that is buried deep within their hearts and now their demented poisoned souls make desirous yearnings for universal plunder and destruction. They have chained the natural world to the rack of their own warped justice and forced it to jump through hoops as they sit as grinning clowns in the circus freak show of their own making eating popcorn and gorging their bloated guts and minds on natures rapidly diminishing bounty.

Universe beware, the human circus is in town.

The one species asylum is here and it’s filled with lies of progress, heralded by flashing lights, fireworks and selfies whilst nature is locked safely away in a cage where the truth is shackled in bloodied chains, stricken and dying. It’s here to proclaim the delusions of its fearlessness, its prominence and its superiority before a world that doesn’t speak its tongue. It’s a culture that forgets nature doesn’t speak its language and doesn’t subscribe to one species erroneous notions of its own magnificence nor its churlish pomposity.

It may have forgotten or torn asunder the sacredness and sanctity of nature but it has brought upon itself the dark clouds of reckoning. For the spirits elemental manifestations are firing back in the war this lost culture of deception unleashed upon it 10000 years ago.

Look about you and tell me if you think this culture can win…………………………

Its bones will be bleached under the sun and in moons glow and the crumbling towers of the final empire will shortly become nests for whatever creatures can call earth home after the maelstrom of civilization has left.

Ego has no place in a universe that demands humility.

Until then, to the masses,

The Spirit is Silent

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