The Sacred

This morning I stood staring at a waning moon before the sun arose. The silence of the stars was awe inspiring.

I never tire of the way the universe connects to my heart, the way the universe speaks to my soul. It’s something I find few people share and most of those who do so see no contradiction in that and the abysmal theater of civilization. This is the tragic calamity of late stage industrial civilization.

There is deep within us all a connection to the sacredness of nature, a holy embrace that has slowly been quashed until all that is left is a shallow shadow of humanity walking the earth as aliens. The spiritual realm is lost as humanity focuses on itself as its sole source of reference, the one and only source of grandeur and divinity. We are taught not to honour anything outside of human achievement and thus elevate ourselves to gods.

I admit to having no understanding of this worldview even though I was born into it and indoctrinated with its ideals. It now holds no relevance to my beliefs, its alienation from nature has no mooring in my heart nor will its arrogance be entertained at my table. My life is surrounded by the nations of all beings that we as a species live with. Civilization has lost that connection as it pursued its path of assured self destruction amid a planet of glorious wonder and richness. To me every waking moment instills me with a deep sense of reverence and divinity as nature closets my heart. The smallest insect holds within it the sacred divinity, the spark of energy that flows through the universe and manifests as sunrises, sunsets, mists, cricket song, whale song, moss on ancient rocks, waterfalls, the smell of soil after rain, the howl of a wolf and the warm sun on ones skin. Most people can relate to these things but sadly most don’t hold on to them before sinking back into the murky soul draining quagmire of civilizations mental and spiritual prison.

The deep connection that the hunter-gatherer cultures had with their world became with civilization one of division between nature and the sacred, between being one with all life to being one devoid of real connection outside the flimsy and hollow world of humanity. Indeed they denied their own humanity instead pursuing a psychotic vision of progress that has led life on earth including humanity to the edge of destruction and is now pushing more and more life over the cliff into extinction. Its arrogance has shut out the stars, the oceans, the forests, the winds and the realms of the non human world and it now thrives in an artificial world , a mental asylum. It has created a tomb for us, a hollow mesmerizing misery.

I do not share humanities vision of itself. I have no love of its skyscraper monuments to themselves nor their constant back slapping arrogance and their warped visions of their own magnificence. Every time one wonders whether the crassness of this culture could possibly get anymore obscene it turns yet another corner in its long winding road of sorrow and despair and proves it can indeed. It’s a culture of clowns fed lies that are reinforced with passive inducing smoke and mirror deceptions.

It has forsaken the wild.

The wild is what is real, the wild is what informs all life except those humans trapped in the narcissistic death cult of civilization. The wild is the house sparrow making a nest in roof guttering, the wild is a small plant breaking through the crack in a crumbling sidewalk. The wild is a lizard hanging on a wall or rock waiting for an insect for dinner. The wild is the water making its own course as a river or creek and the spider weaving its web in the late afternoon. Have you ever sat and watched a spider weaving its web? It’s a holy experience beyond words and one that evokes a deep sense of the sacred. There is an intention, an expression of divinity in everything nature does. By intentionally and consciously embracing nature and all her creatures you are partaking in something so much larger than self or ego. You are opening your heart to the sacred.

The creatures of all nations are my kin, my family, my inspiration, my world. The energy that gives them life also gave me life and one day shall also receive my last breath.

I am honoured to be another creature living in a divine universe.

4 thoughts on “The Sacred

  1. Very well written and I share your thoughts. Sometimes I wonder how it is that there are so few people that have this connection to nature. It doesn’t really make sense on many levels. I’m sure people were more tuned-in in the past. I put it down to too much modern technology in general and now all these personal devices on top of that. People live their lives through their electronic gadgets even when they spend time in the wild and I don’t see this trend subsiding. I have decided to just try and honor the wild as much and as often as I can by connecting with it and to not dwell on what other are doing in relation to it, as hard as that is, because otherwise I will end up continuously depriving myself a peaceful state of mind.

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  2. I believe humanity is in uncharted waters with the ever increasingly complex techno culture we have created. The masses are becoming ever more docile clones. There is no mystery in the forests or the wild places to them. Everything is becoming virtual including themselves.


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