There is a cemetery in the city of Melbourne’s north. It is an aboriginal cemetery and is next to an historic reserve of regenerated bushland and early European settler homesteads.

Little more than 3km away from the cemetery is the second largest airport in Australia. 3km in geographical distance but 10000 years in psychological distance. The contrast couldn’t be more stark.

The indigenous culture in this country was usurped over 200 years ago by a culture with 10000 years of alienation to the natural world under its cultural belt. Invaded by the British but the result would’ve been the same were it invaded by the French, Germans, Spanish, Portuguese or the Russians as all these nations were of the same mindset.

This new conquering culture was one that had forgotten who it was, where it came from, its roots, to become and continue to this day to be an ever encroaching invasive psyche. It can no longer hear the calls of the wild spirit as did the aboriginal culture it met as it swept across the land.

The little cemetery is rather silent except for the disturbing roar of jet engines from the airport. Overlooking it are huge boulders. In all it’s a pleasant setting to be in almost giving the feeling of being somewhere else remote and away from the nearby cultural insanity that is industrial civilization.

Yesterday was the 90th anniversary of the Coniston massacre which took place in the Northern Territory and recognized as the last officially sanctioned massacre of indigenous peoples in this country and one of the last of the frontier wars yet the misery continues for them. They are a broken people as too are many of the descendants of the invading culture themselves.

This is a culture which has nothing of substance to offer, no connection to anything real or organic. It is a death cult that takes living things and turns them into dead things. The mystery of the universe has been supplanted by a glowing plastic screen and the hearts and minds given to servitude and drudgery.

It comes to me as no surprise that young people are killing themselves in disturbing numbers. I shrug my shoulders in accepting resignation when I hear about the mental health situation running rampant throughout this culture. Why wouldn’t it? Civilization, especially industrial civilization is a trap, a mental and physical trap that eats newborn babies and churns out brainwashed drones that cannot and will never experience true freedom. They can’t.

The abomination that is civilization has cast a mask over them and shackled them to its warped vision of domination, greed and destruction. A few escape from behind the mask but to do so comes with a dreadful set of consequences. It can mean loss of family and friends and a mournful loneliness, akin to being the only sane person locked up in a mental asylum which is essentially what the situation is. To physically escape is next to impossible these days also due to the long tentacles of the industrial killing machine having ventured to almost every part of the planet. There are few places to have escaped its neon lit horror. The planet is now so degraded with industrial agriculture and our skills so thoroughly diminished at growing or hunting and gathering our own food even if they were abundant which now they are not that we are chained to the cult of civilization.

Most people behind the mask are happy to wallow in the empty fields of the psychologically vacuous culture of civilization as long as they are kept distracted from reality via sports, television, computer games or superfluous shopping. As long as they have something that reinforces the lies they’ve been told, such as human superiority and progress they are happy to watch cat videos or take photos of their dinner never questioning anything beyond the hollow culture they wallow in.

The fetish of human progress will also be their downfall as the reality catches up to the toxic bubble fantasy land that this culture extols as a virtue and it disintegrates. Any culture that turns nature into a commodity or attempts to tame it will suffer the consequences of decay and destruction as nature thrives on biological diversity and the wild.

Most of humanity are but husks, vibrant living human beings living in an amazing universe on an incredible planet but the 10000 years of programming have made us unaware of this very true reality. Caged and decaying minds with eyes that see only themselves.

This is a supreme tragedy that has dragged indigenous cultures and non human life to near or total destruction and now is eating alive the minds of the caged husks of humanity as the final curtain comes down on civilization.

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