And life will prevail


As a child I heard the echo of the howl from thousands of years ago enter my heart and in dread I looked about in bewildered suspicion.

A screaming howl of torment, misery, hurt and terror dwelt in that howl under a moon that shone down upon a once thriving earth in increasing despair. The howling echo carries to the moon as the nations of all beings quake in fitful sadness at the sight of the two legged ape that destroys all it encounters.

Humanity had cast away their connection to the universe and a new world flourished in their own minds, their own image devoid of wonder. A world of selfish plunder, arrogance and hatred.

Civilization, humanities erroneous savior infiltrated the psyche of humanity and cast its tragic shadow over the earth. The deception enveloped all who came into contact with it like a creeping shadow.

Stories of grandeur, dominance, entitlement and progress soon filled the hearts and receptive minds of the captured. They stood aloof refusing to hear the cries and screams from the nations of all creatures. They turned their collective backs on their connection to the land, the soil that grows their food, the air that fills their lungs and the water that quenches their thirst. They refused to stare into the eyes of the universe and concede to the reality of their own existence.

Losing all identity and connection their culture turned within and humanities very essence was absorbed into psychologically deformed narcissistic stories of its own nobility. Talking to itself, about itself and taking pictures of itself it sank into the quagmire of despondency, decadence and indifference to all other life forms about them.

It went insane……………………………………………..

It forgot how to listen to the wind, the ocean, the trees, and the creatures that they share the earth with. Humanity forgot no creature, including itself can exist outside of the universe. It became an insane wretched court jester in the Kingdom of sanity, a Kingdom now overrun by a culture fixated on itself in a warped dance of obscenity.

That howl from the nations of all creatures still reverberates within my heart. My kinship to all life is my companion away from the insanity however the court jesters and their deluded and clownish antics have now shrouded the earth with their lunacy so I retreat to the shadows of the Brigalow trees and pray for the jesters demise.

Those days loom near as their madness leads them ever closer to the cliffs edge. The colorful jesters dancing in a dazed ecstasy over the cliff of no return, holding hands and taking photos of each other as they enter the darkness and hollowness that are the reflections of their own hearts.

The deepest tragedy is the nations of all creatures they are taking with them in their plunge. A few free minds still dwell in the mists away from the wild fanciful worlds of the jesters, in the underworld that see and feel the misery.

This universe is all powerful and against the belief of the court jesters one day a humble weed shall reach for the sun on a warm morning after the final act, after the curtain has fallen on humanities deviation and freedom shall reign once again……………………………….

And life shall prevail

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