The Sacred

This morning I stood staring at a waning moon before the sun arose. The silence of the stars was awe inspiring. I never tire of the way the universe connects to my heart, the way the universe speaks to my soul. It’s something I find few people share and most of those who do so […]

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There is a cemetery in the city of Melbourne’s north. It is an aboriginal cemetery and is next to an historic reserve of regenerated bushland and early European settler homesteads. Little more than 3km away from the cemetery is the second largest airport in Australia. 3km in geographical distance but 10000 years in psychological distance. […]

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Honor The Wild

  Few people in the world live truly free lives. There are pockets of hunter-gatherers scattered about the planet in ever decreasing numbers but the majority of the exploding mass of humanity are caged by the insane monster of industrial civilization. Shackled by psychological manipulation to live lives divorced from their animal bodies and instincts […]

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And life will prevail

  As a child I heard the echo of the howl from thousands of years ago enter my heart and in dread I looked about in bewildered suspicion. A screaming howl of torment, misery, hurt and terror dwelt in that howl under a moon that shone down upon a once thriving earth in increasing despair. […]

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